How do I know when I should stop liking this guy?

For context, I met him at church and we also go to school together. Well we always kinda stare at each other and whatnot and I even gave him a compliment calling him super attractive because it wasn't exactly what I was going for but it was what I was thinking and went with it.

Anywho, I asked if we could be friends so it didn't make it weird (which it prolly already is) and so he said we could which I was thankful for lol. We talked every other day via text message as well. Homecoming was coming up and so I asked him if he had anyone or if he was actually going, well he said he did and he was sorry but ever since then he has been ignoring me.

I don't know if I annoyed him or he's got a girlfriend or what, but I don't want to go after a guy who wouldn't be worth it. So any tips or suggestions?

(I also apologize for my terrible grammar, it is late while writing this)
How do I know when I should stop liking this guy?
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