Is he emotionally unavailable?

I've been seeing this guy since August this year. As far as to getting know each other I noticed that he compares me to his ex a lot. I would do something and he would tell me his ex used to do that or I would overthink something and he toldme that he used to do that when he was with his ex. So far based of what he told me, they were together for a year, he knows she's in college, he talked down on her, she took advantage of him and he's showed me how she looked. To be brutally honest, she isn't pretty at all which offends me when he compares me to her. He hasn't mentioned her name at all since October.

Yesterday I was talking about how he has more sexually experienced than me and he made up a joke saying he was a virgin when we met lol. So I brought up his ex name and he asked why did I bring her up. I never asked how the relationship ended nor how long ago it was and took this chance. So I asked and he said he can't stand when I ask him questions about her. He hesitated to tell me. It took him a while but he finally said it but in a low tone, I missed it. I asked him to repeat it and he got frustrated and tells me in a hesitating way, "she cheated..." He told me he doesn't care about her anymore like he's used to and he's over her. He claims the last time they talked was April this year which I don't think is that long. How can I know if he is emotionally unavailable?
Is he emotionally unavailable?
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