Is he still into me?

I've met a guy and we were together for a month, it's been going on really well and he was very kind and caring, and a bit shy which was okay with me. We understood each other and had a lot in common... it was really going very well.. untill oneday we were texting and he was telling me how much he cared about me and I was telling him the same till suddenly he said something very inappropriate which is not very acceptable in where I am from, specially if the relationship is still new.
I was shocked and mad and blocked him
He called me right a way but I didn't answer so he called a couple of times and then stopped
He called again later the same day but i didn't hear the phone and didn't call him back because I was still upset
Now it's been 9 days and he didn't try to call again
I miss him and I know that all guys think about dirty things but where I am it's not appropriate to address it to a girl you are still new to
I thought that if i called him or unblocked him he would understand that it will be okay with him to say that shit again because I will eventually get back to him no matter what he says
But it's been a while now and I'm thinking he might've just moved on if he wasn't really that into me anyway
Or, will he call again soon?
Should i just move on and let go?
1 mo
Hey everyone! In case anyone wanted to know what happened, I unblocked him and he texted me rigtaway, I guess I shouldn't have blocked him in the first place and just told him I was mad but it's fine because he is back now and I'm so happy ❤
Is he still into me?
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