Does this guy like me or does he just see me as a friend (there are many signs but opinions needed please)?

Me and him are coworkers but we work at different stores. He constantly calls me to asks the littlest of questions about work that he can figure out himself but then we would be on the call for up to an hour a lot of the times. He constantly teases me and points me out in a convo with other people. Flirts with me a lot and some have noticed. He calls me nicknames like dork, loser, and nerd all the time too and I haven’t seen him call the other girls or guys he knows at work. I have caught him staring a handful of times as well as looking over at me a lot whenever we’re out with other people from work or in a conversation with them. He gets concerned whenever he finds out I haven’t eaten yet or when I’m about to do something dangerous or would be annoyed if I hurt myself accidentally. Two times got close to me when we were sitting next to each other and having an argument over something small and it was like it was just me and him talking and there weren’t 2-3 more people sitting at the table. Whenever he’s talking, it sometimes is like he is telling it mostly to me because he would be looking at me 95% of the time, even when I’m not in his direct eye line some of the times. One time my friend asked him if he liked me he said no, I don’t have time to date but then told me he does a few days later. And then when I asked him do you have any feelings, he said no we’re friends and I know not to date anyone in the company multiple times but he wasn’t holding eye contact with me as much as normally does. He would get quiet, he is a very talkative guy, whenever I am talking with my guy friend at work. Especially one time where I was talking about something that happened at a house near my guys friends house when I drive him home. He said “what do you guys do just sit here and watch that house” with a little chuckle I guess? And I said no we just noticed it when we would be out here talking for hours after I drive him home. And then he said oh and got quiet a bit.
Does this guy like me or does he just see me as a friend (there are many signs but opinions needed please)?
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