Do jerks/players ever regret their bad behavior?

A guy from my past found me via social media this past winter, 2021. To make long story short he wanted to see me again and it never worked out. He ghosted me the first time before we were supposed to meet up. He apologized for his idiotic behavior two weeks later with a sob story that I believed. I forgave him but left it at that, and I never initiated contact after that. He would text me consistently for about two weeks, and then suddenly just stopped texting me. I blocked him everywhere, and his number. I later found out that he was with another girl probably the whole time me and him were texting on and off. I feel like he used me as a boost to his ego and he actually never really intended to see me.

He has a history of bad, short term relationships, it seems like he makes himself out to be the victim with each story he told me. I’m suspecting that he’s probably borderline narcissist or f*** boy. And most likely he’s going to drop the current new toy he’s with.

I would never just ghost somebody I knew for a while and went on multiple dates with. That would make me feel like a shitty person. I ended relationships either through phone call or face to face and even yet it made me feel really bad because I felt like I lead these guys on and wasted their time. I would never do something so hurtful like ghosting someone.

I know that I will probably never get any apology or closure from this guy. And I’ll probably never truly get over that pain until I finally meet the right guy for me. It makes me feel like what we had before meant absolutely nothing to him, all those sweet words he ever said to me were just empty words. All the good times we had together was nothing to him. I feel played and hope to just forget all about it soon.
Do jerks/players ever regret their bad behavior?
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