Is this a sign that he's interested?

There's this guy at my church that I have a crush on and I notice he shows some signs of interest but I don't like to assume. There was a Christmas party and he stood beside me and sparked up a conversation. He asked me how was my birthday and eventually he wanted to know how old did I turn. I told him my age and he was surprised. He mentioned how he noticed the way I carry myself (other words I forgot) and I' am very mature for my age.

We spoke about the Holidays and he asked me what did I cook and do I know how to. He goes on to tell me stories about cooking and he showed me a meal he made on his phone. The conversation went on and on then someone interrupted it. Someone was calling his name and he didn't turn around; he continued facing me so I decided to look over at the person. He never turned around so the guy came over to ask him something in their guy group.

Is there some interest here? Need some ideas and details.
Is this a sign that he's interested?
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