When he doesn’t text back, but he calls?

This guy that I like seems very hot and cold. One minute he is texting me asking me to hang out, and then the next he leaves me on delivered and goes mia. I would think he just wasn’t that interested but this is what throws me off. I texted him a couple days ago and ask if he wanted to hang out the next day and he said yes. Next day rolls around and I had something come up with my family so I couldn’t make it. I text him to let him know along with a few other things and he leaves me on delivered. The next day comes and he calls me and says he has a Christmas present for me. He comes to my house drops it off we talk and then he leaves. Three days later he still hasn’t even opened my message. I’m really confused and do not know what to make of any of it… any advice would be great!
When he doesn’t text back, but he calls?
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