Has he ever liked me and lost feelings or am I paranoid?

I work as a party host with a company we are all aged 16 plus. There is a guy working there he is younger then me but he is still 18 plus I find him good looking and attractive. After one of my shifts I was looking for my manager to let her know that i am signing off. I noticed the guy with my other co workers they were just talking he looked at me then looked at his mate who called me over, I guess he wanted to ask me a question which was what music I like... we pretty much got talking from there.

once he walked away things were awkward and quiet so i broke the silence and asked ALL my co workers if they wanted to see a video of me dancing for my sisters wedding. They did not seem interested but he was he watched the videos and made a comment on the way i move and dance. I was then asked about my relationship status by his mate who was there as well and the guy made a comment about me being on the market. That is where this all begins. When we saw each other at work I would say hey to him and talk to him over time we both got comfortable around each other to a point he would make banter and joke. It is a trampoline park he would ask me if I knew how to backflip, I said no and he made a moment sound like it was flirty as he said ''awww you broken my heart'' but still smiled. When I finished my shift I walked up to him to talk to him and well a girl working there noticed and left me and him alone but we did not see her leave as we were too into our conversation he did ask for my help though even if I signed off work.

I told one of my girls about him she got too invested in my feelings and wanted his social media. She sent him a message on Facebook asking him out for me. She got his full name by one of his friends who was trying to convince me to talk to him I panicked and told her not to do this. She basically messed things up between me and him and now the guy is just very vague with me when he talks, he just looks away from me.
Has he ever liked me and lost feelings or am I paranoid?
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