He said he didn't like me, but it still seemed like he did?

This happened a while ago, but it still bugs me to this day. I had a thing for this guy, and I had heard he liked me, so I decided to pursue it. He never gave any indication that he really really liked me, but there were little things here and there that seemed to me that there was at least some interest. I'm not sure how he found out (I never told him I liked him) but he texted me and told me he didn't like me and that he was sorry, but wanted to stay friends. I wouldn't even say we were really "friends" either, we hardly spoke to each other at all.
Even after that, I found that he would slide up on Snapchat stories I posted seemingly for no reason. In one instance, I posted my class schedule to see if anyone had classes with me, and he replied just to tell me we didn't have any classes together (we hadn't spoken for at least 2 months at that point so it seemed odd to reply to my story if we had no classes together). Did he actually like me, or was he just being friendly? He told me he didn't like me, but I was getting mixed signals before and after him saying that.
He said he didn't like me, but it still seemed like he did?
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