My fiancé is asking me to choose between him and my job. What should I do?

We’ve been together for about 8 years and were planning to get married this year but had to postpone the wedding. His company closed down last year due to financial losses caused by the pandemic. I’m still working so my salary has been supporting both of us. He’s been trying to find work but hasn’t had any luck. He gets unemployment checks but he immediately sends them to his mom in Florida because the woman has a lot of medical bills. We live in a small town on Long Island and besides Florida, he has never been outside of this town. I have family scattered all over the country and I’ve travelled quite a bit. I recently was offered a position at a hospital in Boston that pays almost double what my current company pays and I was really excited to take it. We’re struggling in New York because I’m a mental health worker making less than minimum wage at my current job, Neither of us has any family left here anymore because they all moved away. My sister, cousins and a close friend from college all live in Boston so we wouldn’t be alone up there. In fact, my cousin even offered to look for open positions at his company for my fiancé, and I’ve been there many times and it’s my favorite city. The problem is that my fiancé is insisting that no matter how rough things are for us, he won’t leave. And he absolutely refuses to support me and even told me if I accept the position I might as well tell him goodbye, because he’d leave me, then he went on to remind me that I’m 38 years old and if not for him, I’d be alone because supposedly nobody wants someone my age. Mind you, he takes care of household things while I take care of the bills, and up to this point he’s treated me really well. Is he just being stubborn? Or is it an ego thing or fear of change? Should I take this job which I really want and lose him? Or should I just leave him? I want to keep him and take the job but clearly that’s not an option. Please help.
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Thanks everyone. After all this agonizing I caught him cheating on me with a friend of mine this afternoon. That gave me my answer and I left him. Boston here I come! I’m crashing at another friend’s house until the big move.
My fiancé is asking me to choose between him and my job. What should I do?
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