Looking too deep?

Calling all POVs.

Since starting my new job a little over a month ago, there has been a bit of a cat and mouse game going on between my co-worker and I. Things started with compliments and long hugs. He makes statements such as " I never want to let you go now " Some mornings, he comes to my side of the building and watches me from a far. We have some playful banter. For example, last week after not seeing him for a few days, he asked me if I missed him. Instead of answering I asked him the same thing "Yes" he responded. I said good and walked away. When I am in a conversation with someone else, he does not interrupt but he will squeeze my hand. Today, he tried to kiss me in front of a few people but because it was so unexpected I leaned away from him. Also since this little game has been going on, he keeps saying " she wants me " but has yet to ask for my number or anything else. I guess Im really just looking for some clarity, if I should just ignore him because his actions dont mean anything or how to proceed with him.

Thank you for all of the answers in advance ♥
17 d
Thank you everyone for all of your input :)
17 d
I kind of feel like I screwed up because of ducking from his kiss because it caught me off guard. Do you think he lost interest?
Looking too deep?
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