He stopped over at my house unexpectedly?

I was at work so I didn’t get to see him. But apparently he was waiting on my stairs inside of my apartment building. We are friends so I’m not too weirded out by it. But he’s never done this before. Honestly I don’t think he ever really cared to something like this before. His friend said it was just cause his phone was dead, but when I apologized to him he said he just wanted to see me and he didn’t care if his phone was dead ( we live fairly close to eachother)

side notes :his friend has also has said that he ( the guy that came to my house) wasn’t interested in me but he’s been openly touching me ( my butt and cuddling me ) and even kissing my forehead in-front of him. I’ve been hanging out with the friend more than him recently so I don't know if he’s trying to make a point to his friend or what. He’s done this in-front of guys that I’ve gotten close to and/ or flirted with me before. He also had a hiccup with hooking up with a crazy ex which he immediately regretted. And after everything calmed down I had to ask “do you regret any of the stuff you’ve done with me?” And he immediately said “ i definitely dont regret anything especially with you” I’m not ready for a relationship and neither is he but I don’t know what’s going on between us
21 d
We are all part of the same friend group by the way
He stopped over at my house unexpectedly?
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