Does he want his friend instead of me?

I met this guy at a party and he seemed interested. We hung out the next day for Halloween and we had fun with each other’s friends. We live in the neighboring state (5 hour drive) so he and I didn’t talk much after but my friends said they could tell he liked me.

A few months later he invited me to go to Mexico with him and his friends. Everyone canceled so it was just me, him, and his friend Bailey. I was nervous talking to him so I wasn’t really myself, I am a shy person. When I asked him about it, He told me that was his “sister”, metaphorically of course. But the whole time he would stare at her, talk to her more and would always want to sit next to her. When we got back to his home, he asked her was she going out and she said no, so he later decided to drive home with me, which was hours away. I thought maybe because I was nervous he wasn’t really into me and he was comfortable around her since he’s known her for years. I just didn’t feel confident talking to him when I seen how he’d look at her and treat her as opposed to me. I still told him I had a crush on him and he’s been talking to me more, but I don’t feel confident because of feeling like I’m coming second to Bailey already.
Does he want his friend instead of me?
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