Guy is missing me or no?

The guy I went out with few times stopped talking to me and basically cut contact about a month ago.
We are university students.
When we met, we went to a coffee shop on 1st date and next we hung out in the JCR, outside when i was leaving and in the common area balcony because he needed to smoke.

Usually this guy shows no emotions. He's always stoic in appearance and attitude.

I never messaged him after he left me on read and didn't reply for when to hang out again. I didn't message him during holidays either.
Turns out, I ve noticed that he always smokes in the designated area which is on 1st floor.
However, a week ago, when he came to uni, he was smoking on the exact place where we hung out the last time. I was leaving and he came outside with me to smoke and said bye , before putting out his cig and giving me a hug.
He was standing alone and smoked there and then left.

Yesterday, he went downstairs in the common area balcony where again we were talking and hanging out the last time we chatted. My friend who saw him also told me that he was on 1st floor and he heard my voice as I aas talking to another girl just below the 1st floor and he came through from the downstairs area and then went upstairs.

Usually, he never goes there. I ve only seen him go there 2 times.

Could it be that he's missing our times together or its just my desired wish?
Guy is missing me or no?
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