Guys in my class were complimenting a slice of cake I was eating over me?

In college, our professor put me and three other guys in a group. This is an online class by the way and we always had our cameras turned off. I don't think I'm ugly, like I feel good about myself.

So we all put our cameras on. We all took a moment to say something nice about each other. As soon as I revealed myself this guy John thought I was so pretty he instantly complimented me and kept complimenting and he was like freaking out over how pretty I was.

I was very flattered by him. I kept saying thank you. I said something nice to him and to the other two guys. They all said something nice to each other. And then the other two guys Brian which is the chubby guy and Michael is the shy one didn't say anything about my appearance at all.

Which I was annoyed by because I gave them compliments. Brian noticed I was eating a slice of cake on the side of my table and he started complimenting the cake hardcore while John kept complimenting my appearance. I'm skinny by the way in case you think I'm overweight.

Then Brian was like, "dude we get it stfu. There is more to life than a girl. Like there is food. Food will never leave you but a girl will. You down bad? You need to get out and see the world, there's more to life." And then they calmed John down because he was really into me.

And then Brian and Michael were like talking about cake the entire time and I felt very awkward. I ended up saying, "Do I look like a potato or something?" And the Brian guy was like, "No, you look very young." And that's all Brian said.

Michael didn't say anything either. But Michael was extremely shy and has a very very low self esteem so I'm surprised he even showed himself. And yeah that's what happened. Should I feel insulted?
Guys in my class were complimenting a slice of cake I was eating over me?
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