WHY would he ignore my message after this?

Bullet points to make it easier for you to read!

1. Met this guy on the internet last year and I made the first move
2. We talked and I had anxiety so I ghosted him and he was upset
3. 6 months later he gets in touch again and I explain why I ghosted him
4. We agree to talk again and communicate my anxiety
5. He asks to speak on the phone and says he's coming to see me after the new year
6. He's at work and takes hours to respond to my message and doesn't send me a good morning text!! So I get upset and I delete my message.

He messages me anyways so I say did you notice I deleted my message cause you don't care.

Hours and hours later he responds saying he was asleep cause he was tired from work and why did I delete my message?

So I respond the next day and say ok :)

7. He ignores me

Can someone please explain WHY he ignored me? Clearly I was upset and want more attention.

WHY would he ignore my message after this?
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