What do you think about this relationship?

So I've started dating a guy recently. He's been pretty good, but he gets angry easily. We are doing long distance and won't be able to see each other till maybe later this year or sometime next year. We joke a lot and are very sarcastic. One time we were joking about our "hoes" and I said for him to let them all go. He asked as a joke if he could keep one, and I said "well if you get to keep one, so do I". And he got really mad. Then after talking about it, he said how he only wants me to himself. But then the next day, he was joking about the girl that hit on him that day.
He gets mad when I bring up other guys (not in a way where it would look like I'm doing something wrong, but when I tell him that some guy became obsessed with me A full on stalked and threatened me), he full on thought I was saying I wanted to go back with the guy. Sometimes it's hard to tell when he's going to get upset as we're always sarcastic and joking. Then be gets upset if I don't want to call, but if I'm in a bad mood, why would I want to call? Overall he's a pretty good guy, but I want to see your opinions. Like he's spoken to his family about me and even makes sure everyone knows we're together (something none of my exes have done). What do you all think?
What do you think about this relationship?
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