Why do you think my ex keeps giving mixed signals?

My ex & I were together for about a year and a half. He broke up with me about 6 months ago. It wasn’t because of anything either of us had done wrong. We were both going through some stuff with family illness and death, work stress, etc. A couple months after he broke up with me, he contacted me via letter and said he wanted to still be friends even though he knew I told him long time ago that I don’t stay friends with exes. At the end of the letter he said not to write back if I didn’t want to be friends. So I ignored the letter.

But a month later he calls me kind of hurt that I didn’t respond to his letter. He said his friends had been asking him if I had ever responded to him, and he said no so he wanted to call me. He said that he still loved me and that he didn’t want to push things but that there was a possibility we could get back together and so I felt good. But he is not making any effort to rebuild it. I try to ask him questions about what’s going on in his life, how his classes are, how his sick friend is doing, etc. & it’s silence. He sweet talked me was calling me “babe” when he first reconnected with me but now he calls me “dude” & “bro”.

He called one night shortly after new year & I basically cussed him out and told him that he was toying with my heart and I didn’t appreciate it and he said that this is the reason why he doesn’t think he wants to have a relationship with anybody and it makes him reconsider wanting to have a family someday, not just with me but with anybody. I thought I would never hear from him again & that was fine with me. A few days later he sent an email to me saying he heard there was a bad snowstorm in my area and he hoped I didn’t get caught up in that. He signed it “night”. Too lazy to even write “good night”. So I responded a day later and told him that I was fine and was lucky that my power only went out for a short while… it’s been 3 days & no reply from him. Why is he reaching out then acting like he can’t be bothered?
Why do you think my ex keeps giving mixed signals?
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