Does this make me seem jealous or nah?

One guy friend that I had a crush on, he just got in a relationship. he started dating this girl days after me and him hooked up and he knew i was i to him. Me and him don’t talk for a little while and then I message him saying that i should be happy for him because i’m his friend. we make up and i decided that I didn’t want to be his friend because i felt like our hookup was him choosing his best choice and he happened to pick the girl he is dating now. a week later, i go on snapchat and I see he adds me to his private story. we aren’t close and we only talk here and there. I don’t know why but he did and all he does is post him and his girlfriend. I told him to remove me off his private story. does that make me seem jealous?
Does this make me seem jealous or nah?
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