Guy's behavior in LDR?

Guy proposed me at work place and he was sweet and caring. I left the city for some reason and now we are in long distance relationship. The issue is he does never ever initiates contact. The only person who calls or texts is ME. If I go without contact for a whole week, he won't even bother. But he was the same when we were together. He barely initiated contact at that time too. He says he is like this... And he doesn't see any need to change. I sometimes get frustrated because I think it is all getting too one sided thing from me. He always texts back and always attends my call and be very friendly while talking but does never ever initiate contact. Why? What can I do about it? Personally I am a person who likes texting a lot. And he is the person who stays away from phone. He says he is a person who stays in present. I don't know what to do about it. I know almost all the guys hate texting and almost all the girls like texting but this is weird that if, suppose, I go without contact a whole week, he won't even bother to check on me.. What should I do? He sees no issues here...
Guy's behavior in LDR?
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