So my ex came back with this?

So my ex wanted to hook up with me but of course I didn’t want to as there was someone else in the picture at the time. Well a few days later after declining, I had stated to change my mind, mostly because I missed the intimacy. Well he was torn about us having sex because he felt that I wasn’t going to want to talk to anyone else and that he didn’t want to mislead me. Well I told him maybe this sex with no attachment is what I need, he wanted to think hard about it. He finally comes back to me Sunday and pretty much tells me that he doesn’t think we should be intimate at least not at this time. I asked him why and he said that he didn’t think I’d want him sleeping with someone and then turning around and doing the same thing with me.
But he’s still asking me about when I’m moving closer to him.
I was telling him about the other guy, and why I changed my mind about sex with him and he all of a sudden he was asking me if he was my daddy, it was getting back to how it used to be between us in that sense. He was asking me if I have any of the pictures he’s sent me still on my phone and I told him I did. He asked if I still look at them sometimes and of course I told him the truth.

The reason I entertain him is because he was my first everything so I have a special attachment to him and it’s not so easy to dismiss and throw that all the way.

I don’t think he’s in it just for the sex because him asking me when I’m moving closer, I don’t have to move for us to have sex. I feel like maybe he has other plans for us that I don’t know about. He’s asking for a reason and when I asked him why he wanted to know he said because he wanted to know. I don’t know if he plans on dropping the other girl when I move. He’s told me it’s not working.

I wanted to throw in there that he asked me if I loved the other guy that I was seeing. I’m not sure why he asked but that was in a separate conversation aside and before this one.

What do you guys think of what he said?
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He’s not a bad guy he just has a crappy way of dealing with situations which he is aware of for himself which is good.
So my ex came back with this?
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