Is it suspicious his sudden interest in Instagram?

So guys boyfriend and I been together for 2.5 years. He’s apart of this you tube channel that interviews local artists and it got popular awhile back when they were getting interview and busting out videos. He deleted his IG before that and decided to get back due to their channels popularity he wanted to rejoin and gain followers. For the next few months he made his profile public instead of private and added a bunch of people some guys and girls (the girls bothered me as I didn’t who they were and was worried he was finding them on a dating app and adding them) turns out majority of them were old friends from high school. He was posting a lot more and I got insecure thinking he was trying to impress someone he just followed in particular. Became a big problem and he said it was purely to get back on IG and build it. He added my nickname in his bio like “POOK ❤️“ to calm my insecurity. Now his IG is bare he deleted his personal stuff and doesn’t care too much about building and his deathless is not in his interest anymore. My question is should I be concerned about what he did? Was his sudden interest back into Instagram to do with him maybe being on a dating app and trying to impress women? No rude answers
Is it suspicious his sudden interest in Instagram?
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