Undecided please help me?

There is this guy and I don’t know if I like-like him ya know?
my 18th is coming up and I am unsure whether or not to invite him? I don’t know his friends so it would be awkward if I say he could bring them and we are all just kinda standing there..
he already had his 18th and he didn’t exactly invite me, he just told me the next day that he had it even though I already knew he did but I also don’t want to be rude if you get me.
plus he would be out of place if he came by himself.. however I do wish he would come to it.
we don’t talk that much anymore either. We never really had a conversation in school it’s mainly Snapchat we talk to each other but even on there we don’t really talk anymore.
I am leaning towards not inviting him but I want other peoples opinions too
Undecided please help me?
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