How can I get Landlord convinced to let her wear sheer bra/top for this deal?

I live in a Myanmar and its a small country situated in South East Asia and slowly slowly people here getting Poorer day by day, 2 Years ago My Mom lost her job and she could not pay House rent for last 3 Months then One day The landlord ( 55 years old ) came and he threatened My Mom that if she didn't pay house- rent for last 4 Months then he would throw all of us out of house in one week !

But when My Mom could not manage Money even after one week then One day he came and he Again threatened My Mom to evict us from the house then he said if she can't pay Rent then he would fuck My youngest sister which was 15 years old then and in the evening he took My 15 years old sister in his home and he fucked/ raped her all the Night and Next Morning he threw her out of his Car in front My house like a Garbage !!!

! Now for last one and half years we have been living in a a other house but My old landlord know My New landlord and sometimes they both drink together, And due to Covid -19 Pandemic out financial situation is Again very bad and I also lost my job and we could not pay the Rent for last 2 Months...

but Now Again My old landlord has asking My New landlord to fuck my youngest sister, if we can't pay him rent for 2-3 Months...Now My New landlord saying that either we will have to Pay house rent for 3 Months by end of this Month or he will evict out of the house, When I talked to him further the he said that if My younger sister stand topless in front him for 2 minutes then he will waive off the house Rent, I talked to My Sister but she Said she would feel much embarrassed if she goes fully topless and she wants to wear a sheer bra /Top instead of going fully topless but My landlord is not okay with this, How can I get him convince to let her wear sheer bra/top for this deal? Will he Bug or Not?
How can I get Landlord convinced to let her wear sheer bra/top for this deal?
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