Why did he go back to his ex for sex and not me?

We look completely different. I’m in shape and petite with a big bum. She’s overweight with no bum.

He was with her from 14-17 and they had tonnes of sex apparently. They split and he went back to her for sex “a few times”. Then didn’t have sex again for 6 months. I reckon he arranged this. But as soon as he could get tinder and drive and go out to night clubs, he never went back to her.

With me he wanted just a complete split. He never tried for sex with me again until he had to see me and then i started it and he kept saying we’re not getting back but we had sex a lot then got back together. And this happened non stop for years. Normally me who first started it.

Did he prefer her is that why he went back?
Went back because he preferred her
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Because had no other option until 18
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Why did he go back to his ex for sex and not me?
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