Do I have a chance with this guy?

long story short i (18F) met a guy (19M) at university. i barely know him, but i am mutuals with him on all social media, including the more random ones like spotify. he even was my first twitch follower after i started my channel, and i might have stalked him just a little bit and found out that he doesn't even follow his friend who happens to be a streamer too.
he interacts with most of my tweets and even if he doesn't like all of them, he mentions them later on in conversations so i guess it means he sees them.
our convos in person were pretty short. the first time he talked to me (greetings aside) was when he was sitting behind me in class and suggested i bought phasmophobia so we could play together.
our second conversation was the day after the first one, he sat behind me again (after having a mini fight with his friend that wanted to sit on the other side of the room), asked me if i had bought phasmophobia and suggested to play with him again.
our last real conversation irl was a very brief one on the subway after i had a panic attack so all he did was comfort me. he also called me by a nickname not many people use, and i might be reaching with this one but i think he might have done it because i tweeted about liking it when people call me that.
we did say hi to each other a couple of times, and he asked me for a pencil sharpener once, but that's pretty much it for our irl conversations.
it's exam season now and we don't have classes anymore, so i thought i'd never hear from him again, but he recently started replying to my instagram stories with things completely unrelated to them and asked me to study with him on discord a couple of times (and we already did it once).

the thing is i don't know this guy very well, i barely know him actually, so i don't know if he acts like this with everyone or if i should take it as a sign he might be interested.
i never talk to my friends about my crushes so i'm kind of freaking out at the moment
Do I have a chance with this guy?
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