Why didn't he clean up the place?

So around 2 weeks ago
Me and my ex boyfriend broke up
Before we broke up, we had a huge argument which led to verbal abuse & physical abuse on both parts
We are both toxic
So I walked away and we ended it

The thing is.. we lived together
But I haven't been back to our place ever since

Its been 2 weeks..
So today I decided to go to our place to collect my things when he wasn't home/gone to work

This is what I found:
- the place was all messy
- all the rubbish bin were never emptied (there's still my makeup removers pads, etc)
- dishes were still in sink
- our Christmas decorations are all broken
- my clothes outside on balcony floor

Why didn't he clean up the place?
he's angry/depressed
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he's just lazy
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Why didn't he clean up the place?
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