He said, “She’s everything I want.” but still talks to me. Why?

We were consistent for a year. I’m polygamist, so it never bothered me when he would speak to other women.
Then, he says this, seemingly accidentally, as I point to mysterious black panties on the floor. Hanes. Nothing special.
He was stuttering something else to make it seem as if he didn’t just say that.
I just stood there.

“is he trying to hurt me or is it a truth he just couldn’t hold in anymore?”

He still tugs at my energy, but i often wonder is it all in my head?
I say this bc I can feel him- I smell his cologne randomly. When I wake up, I have a strange feeling he’s waking up too.
I’ll be going about my business and for some reason, he pops up in my head and stays for a while, rent-free, it’s terrible.

I have friends! I have a life! I’m confident and attractive but humble and reserved. I have a great personality, so I been told.

but those 5 words.

He doesn’t call, but he picks up.
I ask him for favors and then revert to solving it myself.
Shouldn’t he be living his best life with her or something? she’s everything you want!

🙈 where has my self-respect gone?
He means it.
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He was trying to hurt you.
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He probably meant it in the moment and now ehh..
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He’s still figuring things out, hun. Go be everything YOU want!
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Let me explain..
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He said, “She’s everything I want.” but still talks to me. Why?
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