Is it weird that my best "guy" friend acts this way with me?

My best guy friend and I have been best friends for 6 years.
About 4 years ago I told him I liked him to which he responded he did not feel the same way
But recently, he bought a home about 1 year ago. he's been trying to get me to move in but told him no because I've been in a relationship for 2.5 years and would not disrespect my boyfriend like that.
He recently got into a relationship (about 3 months ago) and his girlfriend moved in.
I had no idea until he called me telling me he feels like he made a mistake.
Joking around I told him " see thats why I never moved in because youd say the same thing if I did" to which he responded "no, it would be different. I want you around".
I gave him advice and told him to give it time. When I followed up to see how he was doing about a month after he stated "Im happy i gave it a chance. She's literally like my best friend, except she's a best friend I can have sex with".
Fast forward to a month after he left to a trip with his guy friends. But while he was there he'd facetime me to just chat and catch up. I thought that was really weird because I don't know to me its something couples do. I told him I'd be at work the next couple of days so to enjoy himself as a way to avoid FaceTiming again.
Am I the only one who things this is all weird or not?
Is it weird that my best "guy" friend acts this way with me?
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