What makes a relationship so special?

My boyfriend treats me better than I have ever been treated before. He worships me. He pleases me sexually, intellectually, emotionally... literally I cannot image being happier. And I am not complaining. What I want to know is: what's different this time? Men have NEVER thought I was this special. Is it possible that he thinks I am something that I am not? I know that this might be (probably is) my insecurities coming out.

But, setting my insecurities aside... Men: Do you find yourself being MUCH more into a certain girl than you think most other men would be?


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  • Sure, I'll treat a girl I'm really into very very well. Two things for you: Don't let your insecurities get in the way and wear him down. Also, treat him the same way and show him he makes you happy.


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  • Compatibility! No one can seem "special" to everyone. You're special to him because there's just something there that probably wasn't there with other people you two have dated. Or perhaps he's just much better at treating you right than the others were :)

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