How can I become less insecure?

I am with a guy who I know loves me. He is sweet, caring. He listens and takes me seriously. He respects me. Yet, I still get really really insecure all the time, worry he might not love me anymore, that he gets sick of me or annoyed and so on.

Because of my insecurity I need a lot of reassurance and am a bit clingy at times. If he doesn't tell me he loves me at the end of a conversation (on the phone) or if he seems distant... I immediately worry and get anxious. I know my behavior might cause exactly the outcome I fear. So please help me. How can I become less insecure? What can I do to relax and not need so much reassurance?
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Right now I am away for work anif he doesn't say he misses me or calls me every day, I get so nervous. I really need help
How can I become less insecure?
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