How not to become too attached?

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Anyways, I have a question for you all, how not to get too attached to someone. In the past, I became really attached to a girl, thought she was "the one", then for one reason or another, we broke off, and I fell like crap for several months afterwords. What are some ways, other than dating multiple people (sorry-don't agree with that), that I can do to prevent myself from getting too emotionally hooked on a girl? I am dating one now, and have found that one way is to not talk to her for several days on end, and to let her somewhat "chase" me. I am just afraid of being hurt really badly again, I need some advice. Thank you.


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  • Wow you sound like the guy I have been seeing, where you don't contact for days, and I would end up chasing him, and eventually chasing him out the door, him saying he just wanted to be friends, yet me comforting him for crying about it. See the thing is. you do that, you may just lose the opportunity to be with someone who may not make you all giddy at first, but who will be there for you through thick and thin, that is what has happened with this guy, I am sure of it. He is about to lose me because he plays this game. Don't make the mistake of hurting a girl because you are afraid you may miss a great opportunity.

    • I see, I don't want to hurt her, but I am afraid to give my trust and get hurt again. I do talk to her, but usually let time pass so that way I can "contain" my feelings and to also not be clingy or seem that way. Do you think then I am actually shooting myself in the foot?

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    • I like her too, but yes, it is fear. I don't want to "come on to her" if she is not interested, or does not like me the in the way I like her.

    • The only way to find out is to try... do you want to have regrets, ok, maybe or maybe not when it comes to it working, but you will never know if you don't try, then you will spend time wondering if you had done this or that and that is regret, you don't want that.

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  • well, I've learned that time doesn't stop for you. so you should always be doing something. no sense in moping around thinking about the past, right? I think if you just keep yourself busy, you'll be fine. like right now, I'm head over heels over a girl and I constantly think about her, but I shouldnt just sit around hoping for something that might not happen. so I keep myself busy by going to the gym, studying, reading, anything. but that's just what works for me

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