Is my ex boyfriend interested in me again, or is he just flirting?

My ex and I broke up about four months ago.. unfortunately we were forced to break up. Our relationship was perfect, we cared for each other very much and we had no problems, then out of the blue, we were basically forced to break up.

Well, he was hurt and he said he couldn't be around me and just treat me as a friend, so we've basically had no contact for the past four months. We're in a band together, we go to the same church, and we have the same friends, so it was hard to not be around each other because at times we had no choice. Well, he started hanging around his other ex again, so I figured he was moving on, and that they'd probably starting dating. No big deal, I couldn't do anything about it, so I accepted the fact.

Well, just starting a week ago, we all were hanging and I noticed he started talking to me a little bit, and picking on me here and there, like jumping out and scaring me, things like that.

Then he began to comment on stuff on my Facebook, then Saturday night a group of us went to a haunted house. He talked to me a lot while we were waiting in line, then he kept trying to scare me while we were waiting as well, like creeping up behind me and making growling noises and stuff in my ear which he knows scares me. Then I was standing by my friend david, and I had my arm linked in his because I was freezing, well I let go for a second, and my ex moved over and stood in between us. Also, while we were in the haunted house, he would make noises in my ear, and he would do this screaming thing that he used to do when we were dating that always freaked me out, and he just continued to pick on me for the rest of the night. (i.e. he stole my phone and logged onto my Facebook and changed my profile picture to this creepy picture, he updated my status..) Well last night we were hanging out, and my friend I went into this hallway that was all dark, and we were trying to take this creepy-looking picture (weird.. I know) and neither of us noticed, but my ex sneaked in behind my friend, and after we finished taking the picture I walked around this corner and he jumped out at me. He then scared me two more times while we were in the hallway, and then twice more when we were hanging out in this gym area.

Apparently for my halloween party I'm hosting he had picked out a costume that he says is going to scare me, but he won't tell me what it is. He'll make faces at me, and my best friend told me that he looks at me when I'm not watching, and that he looks at me like he would when we were dating.

Last night I also noticed that he is still wearing the bracelet that I made him, and it's nothing special either, it's just a black, braided bracelet, nothing cool looking or anything like that.

Guys, what are your opinions on this, is he just flirting, or does it seem he's legitimately trying to start something again?

P.S. sorry for the long story..


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  • you don't say why you were "forced" to break up except he was hurt.

    I think he os just flirting. Serna like going back and dirty between the exes. That can't be serious from his part. Even though he os flirting with you, there is no depth in his actions.

    Dont have any expectations from him. Either cut him off or proceed with caution.