What should I do? Wait for him?

(I asked this earlier too - but I added more details.)

I'm 18 and I really like this boy who's 24. He's a very very popular boy but that is NOT the reason I like him. We're both very out going persons. The thing is, I'm confused as to whether he likes me or not. I'll just outline what we've had for the past four months. Keep in mind, he's definitely not the type to flirt with someone for fun, and when he gets attached to someone, it's a pretty strong attachment.

He's once baked cookies (wrapped up very cutely) and delivered them home. He's also painted me cute pebbles. We've watch two movies with friends and got together to play songs. (He drums and I play the piano - He even came to my home to learn how to play the piano)

We text a lot every day. (He's the kind of person who doesn't text anyone unless it's necessary) And he's told me that he likes hanging out with me and that we 'click' really well.

He's told me a lot about himself and is very comfortable around me. He tells me his business plans and about his clients and the stuff he does each day. And he teases me a lot when we hang out with friends. We roughly talk for over an hour on the phone each day (other than the weekends). Oh, his dad has apparently teased him about me too. (I know his family very well)


We've discussed the issue of dating (he brought it up), and he thinks we're both too young to date seriously and that we have something really fun going on, and that he doesn't want to spoil it by 'complicating' things. (He doesn't know I like him and he thinks I'm not into complications) He's also worried that in a few months' time, if we keep on chatting to each other things might get complicated (where either of us starts falling in love but the other doesn't, or we both fall in love and are too young to marry, or that we start a relationship and then change with time and realize that it's not going to work and either of us would get extremely hurt). He also said this strange thing that if we later start liking someone (other than each other), we shouldn't hold it against each other that either of us were 'leading' the other just for fun.

I know the age brings up a question in every reader's mind. But the thing is, he's never brought up the age-gap issue, but he did bring out the possibility of falling for each other in the future.

So I'm utterly confused. Does he see a future for us? or is he saying I like you but 'we'll never be anything more than friends, so don't get my hopes up'? Also, even though he hasn't mentioned age, do you think it's weird to have such a big age gap?
What should I do? Wait for him?
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