I got over our fight, but why hasn't he? It was his fault.

long story, short: there was a guy I went to college with who I always had a crush on. he seemed to flirt with me, but never really made a move unless he was drunk. he couldn't ever make eye contact with me. he would text me every weekend. one time he finally got me into his room in his frat house and I thought we were going to hook up, but he claimed he was "sick" and couldn't go through with it. he told a mutual friend later he wanted to have sex with me that night (hes not a virgin and hooks up with a lot of girls).

1 year passes and we graduate. he randomly invites me up to visit him/his family. I visit for 3 days and I thought it went well. at one point, his mom put a lot of pressure on us and basically insinuated us having sex. I heard later he was 'mortified' by the situation. I told him how I felt and he said a relationship wasn't on his mind right now (we live 12 hours apart). 7 months pass and I see him at homecoming. I go to his frat house again and he said "be right back." 5 minutes later he texted me that he doesn't think this hook up would be a good idea. I basically flipped on him and said that I'm tired of him acting so hot and cold with me, when he has no problem hooking up with any other girls at school BUT ME! I told him never to invite me over again because "his behavior is straight sh*t." he said "i wont." and I said "good."

we didn't talk for 7 months and I'm dating someone new now. I contacted him twice within the last month and he hasn't responded.

any idea of why he behaved like this and now why he can't answer me?
I got over our fight, but why hasn't he? It was his fault.
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