I easily fall for jerks / players.. How to avoid this?

So I'm 21 and I've never dated and it seems quite a good thing for me since all guys I have ever considered dating turned to be jerks who had issues with their d*ck and apparently felt the urge to just stick it in any chick who would gratefully allow them.

My point is I fall for players, the attractive, clever, overconfident, witty, touchy feely kind of guys that makes any girl melt with his stare. The main reason tha thas always saved my ass for not dating them was that I always foudn out somehow after they showed interest that they have a girlfriend. And other reason is that hopefully for me my parents teach me right !

But them having a girlfriend is really the one thing that holds me back. And sometimes they play the parade s well by fooling myself into believing that they may have fallen in love with me (how stupid am I really?)

What really bugs me is that often I don't notice such guys since I dislike them having a lot of girl swooning over their charms, it is because they show interest in a persistent way that I end up falling for them.

So How am I suppsed to avoid this? knowing that I am only attracted "back" to them actually but never would have if they didn't show interest first. How am I suppsed to make the difference between someone who is genuine and someone who isn't ?

I guss the fact that my father is a player doesn't help much and always lead me to fear being used (I would resent that) but I don't know where to draw the line between someone who shows genuine interest and someone who is just looking to add another name to his list?

For example there was this guy who would keep on staring at me every chance he got, he would be touchy feely but his somehow shy, "i don't really know what to tell you" behavior whne we find each other alone while goign home just made him really look like he was having a crush on me..

So I don't knw, could somebody enlighten me abut this please?
I easily fall for jerks / players.. How to avoid this?
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