He likes me, but why won't he just ask me out? What do I do?

So this guy that I like, and have told him that (which he eventually basically said he felt the same way), just won't ask me out. I mean, there are a ton of reasons, which are total bull crap if you're too afraid for something and don't want to take a risk, but if he really didn't want to date me, why didn't he back off? I had a conversation with him so I could get my closure, and he wouldn't give it to me. He didn't want to tell me yes, but he wouldn't say no, so I had to force him to tell me no so I could get my closure. And then, after all that, instead of pulling away and continue just being friends, he INCREASED the amount of flirting and hanging out we did. We see each other ALL the time, and if not, he texts me all the time. He finds every possible reason to touch me: ie, so much tickling or playing with my hair or rough housing with me. Things he never did before. And now he's buying me presents and stuff when he's out because "it reminded him of me." Not to mention, he cooks for me all the time. And not just silly things. He's stepping it up a notch to expensive foods that take a lot of time to prepare... for just me? That's kind of ridiculous, right?

So, I'm not sure what I should do. I just wanted my closure so I could move on, but he seems to be constantly dragging me back emotionally because his actions say he can't let go yet. And he complains he can't get a girlfriend or really wants to get laid or whatever to his "bros," but a ton of girls have approached him and he always turns them down, for I don't know what reasons. So it's not like he's completely desperate. Maybe he's just stupid? I don't know.

But should I approach him about this? Should I just make a move on him? I tried distancing myself from him for a bit, and that doesn't seem to work because he just begs to hang out and stuff, and it's hard for me to say no. I just don't know where this is all going and he is making everything much more difficult, especially if other people see us acting more like a couple than other couples are.

Guys, what say you? What the heck do you think he's doing? If he likes me (which his actions kind of say it all), why the ridiculous hesitation to actually act on it? And if he really doesn't want to date me for whatever reason, why hasn't he backed off or toned everything down?
He likes me, but why won't he just ask me out? What do I do?
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