Guys, If you catch a girl looking?

If you catch a cute girl staring at you and than she shyly looks away and bites her lip to hide a smile...What would you think?

there is this I guy I've seen 100 times and we always had a little eye contact...BUT! Today he caught me looking and I reacted as I mentioned above because I haven't seen him in a while and I kinda missed him...And unlike other times he kept on staring with an intense look and didn't stop until I had to leave! What does it mean?!?What was on his mind?!


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  • Omg! That happend to me. I was at a camp once and I notice this girl (My x girlfriend) starring at me then looks away when I look back. It got me thinking.. Hmm. I might let this one go until I notice she keeps doing the same actions.. Then the next day, I sat in a group with mine and her friends then notice she came over and sat with us. She also kept starring then people had classes and I started to talk to her. She was shy. We had a few chats about music and stuff (Typical teenagers), then she had to go. I got up and hugged her and everyone was like ooh...Later that day I ended up kissing her in front of everyone and she started to blush. Then a month later we went out. That was my story :) Sorry. I just miss her :\

    • ohh that's is so cute! so when you catch her looking you started to think maybe she's into me?

      and why did you guys brake up ?!(if its OK to ask...)

    • Haha :) Yeah. That's what I felt. But I kept it going a bit longer so just in case I wasn't the one she was looking at nor, she dis-liked me lol.. But I got into her :) We broke up because, the distance was shocking (3 hours) drive. She had depression a lot so when she needed someone, I wasn't their for her hugs :\ So we called it off. But recently we bring up our fun times together. And I'm still her number one kisser. She's also a very looking girl that has a nice rack and stuff..

    • aww...well I had a long distance relationship is very hard...we broke up because of the same reasons...but he is my best friend now! we tell each other everything about anything...i mean we want each other in our life one way or the other...but its still hard:\

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  • I've never had that happen to me so I honestly couldn't tell you.

    • Is that because it never would happen, or because you don't walk around making eye contact with girls?

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    • oh,and you don't notice it? is it like if a person is fidgeting?

      how do you feel when you do accidently make eye contact with a girl( or just anyone) ?

      ( I hope it OK I'm asking all these question..its just something a little unknown for me and I find it don't have to answer anything if you feel uncomfortable)

    • It is like fidgeting but much mroe exaggerated. It is like rockng back and forth, or flapping your arms, stuff like that. Sometimes I don't notice when I do it, sometimes I do.

      When I make eye contact with anyone I feel violated. If you are curious about more you should send me a message.

  • He was probably just trying to make you feel like he missed you too. I would have to have seen it to really know what he was thinking sometimes us guys want girls to know we like them and sometimes we just want to talk to them. But if a guy stares at you until you leave and one you don't know him that well or two you talk to him everyday he wants you to know that he likes you.

    • thank you!

      have did a girl ever give you the shy smile thing? how did you react?

  • Well if a girl did that then I would probably think she likes me at least a little bit and I'll try and smile or look so she knows I'm digging her too.

    • oh good to know! didn't ever happen to you even the other way around?

      BTW I LOVE your nickname!:P

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    • Sorry for delayed reply! That's great that you listen to them. *high 5*

      Anyways yes I think the shy smile thingy does work :)

    • *high five*

      And thnx good to know;)

  • If he doesn't try to flirt with you after all that eye contact, he's either very shy or very weird. Try initaiating contact with him to find out which.


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