Are hair transplants worth it?

First off I'm 30, my hair started noticeably thinning in the front around 28. Fortunately I have very thick, brownish/blondish hair. When it's dry it's barely noticeable unless someone is real up close.

Balding runs in my mom's side of the family (I have uncles who started losing their hair in their late teens...yes in their teens). However my dad's side doesn't have the same problem. And I take after my dad's psychical characteristics. My dad started balding on his crown around 40. Still somewhat young...but not nearly as young as 28. Plus he was happily married. I'm still single.

Anyway I started taking propecia and minoxidil (rogaine) about a year ago. It's helped quite a bit. Mostly it's halted most of the hair loss. Thank god for that. However I'm still extremely self conscious about getting my hair wet (including sweating). The area it thinned out the most is still thin. When my hair's looks much worse. I'm self conscious to sweat in front of women (I also train at a mma gym...)

I'm considering getting a hair transplant (300 to 500 hairs...small one). It's going to run me one to 3K. Just curious if any other guys on here have had it done. Is it worth it?

For you younger girls out there. I know balding guys are not exactly stunning (unless your Jason Statham). But it sucks. Don't ever tease a guy about it , very painful.
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Here's a pic of me about a year and half ago. Propecia helped thicken my hair slightly link
Are hair transplants worth it?
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