How can you tell if a girl who is a lesbian likes you?

Cause theirs this chick that I like who happens to be on the shy side. So I was wondering if you could tell me some subconscious things that would prove she has a thing for me.


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  • It sounds like this girl has a Girl Crush on you, that doesn't eman she likes you and wants to be your girlfriend. It's more like she wants to be like you or be a really close friend.

    If she was really into you and wanted to date you she would flirt with you,( even if she's shy), if you catch her looking at you a lot or giving you a lot of attention in a group of people.

  • If she looks at you a lot or blushes when you talk to her. Girls really aren't shy with other so much so if she's just shy with you that's a big hint.

    • The reason why she`s shy, because she told me that she`s intimidated by me, because we ride the bus together, and she sits in the back, and I sit in the middle, and I get a clear view of her, vice versa. and whenever I make jokes I see that she`s laughing, and she is. also when our bus driver makes these chessey jokes, she looks at me, to see if I find it funny.