Interested in a shy guy at work, do I know he's interested?

My friends tell me I should make the move, but I don't want to make a fool out of myself because we work together and, well, that would just be awkward. And well, I'm just not used to making the first move. I like for a guy to pursue me but now I'm thinking I'm gonna have to make the move. anyway...

So, I'm digging this guy at work and sometimes I think he's interested and sometimes I'm just plain 'ol confused! a group of us at work have planned some get togethers for Fridays and I invited him to join. he waits for me outside to arrive, he opens the door for me, he pays for me, we have some great conversations which l initiate. I let it go quiet just hoping he initiates...and when he does, I can tell he's a bit nervous. and I think...does he like me and I intimidate him or are we just gonna be friends?

how can I get him to make the move without me having to throw myself at him? I'm sure he's afraid of rejection just like I am, so, do I have to keep throwing hints or what? Thanks!


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  • You will know if he is interested, you will have an instinct about him.


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