Why am I so unhappy with my life?

I admit it, I have a pretty good life!

I'm 18 and going to the college of my dreams in the fall.

I got straight A's throughout high school. I had plenty of friends. I'm also considered pretty by many of my peers. I'm known as being the nice, cheerful girl at school. Many people comment on how I never stop smiling!

All the guys I've talked to tell me how I'm such an amazing, beautiful girl, yet I have never been in a relationship.

My parents are extremely supportive and truly care a lot about me!

And if I ever ask for something, they never say no.

And yet, whenever I'm home not really doing anything-"relaxing" I guess you could call it, I find myself feeling extremely unhappy. I do have moments of great happiness. But, whenever I'm not doing something, I become unhappy. It seems as if it is onset by boredom in a way. I think of how it would be to die, yet I know in my heart that I don't have what it takes to actually kill myself. But I still think about death. For example, whenever I get in the car, I think about how nice it would be to get in a car accident.

I understand that the majority of people around the world have to deal with problems that I cannot even fathom, yet I still cannot shake these feelings. In fact, knowing this makes me feel even worse as a person and even more pitiful.

So why, if my life is so great, am I unhappy? What can I do about it? What actions should I take? How should I think differently? And will it get better in college?
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Thank you for these answers! They are all well-thought out and give different insights and perspectives on my situation! I could have truly picked any as best answer!

I chose justaskin's answer because it made me really think about myself as a person and truly cut at my character the most! Thank you!
Why am I so unhappy with my life?
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