Do social guys like shyer girls?

My crush is a very social and outgoing person. I'm not antisocial, but I have nowhere near as many friends as he does. I tend to keep a close group of friends. I am friendly with new people, but I'm a bit on the shy side. Is it a turn off to a social guy if a girl isn't as popular as he is?


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  • no not really if he likes you too, hell work his own charm to make you feel comfortable with him.

    Do most girls like social guys?

    • i can't speak for all girls obviously, but guys who are more social and friendly are easier to approach which may be why girls tend to like them. I'm shy and I think shy guys are cute too, but they have to open up after a while or the relationship won't go anywhere because I'm kinda shy also

    • ya, I kinda hate being shy sometimes..

    • same! it makes things difficult :/

  • Yes We Do! I am very social and my wife is almost a recluse..we are a good match..(:(:(:


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