Why do guys always "come back around"?

A little background: I was hanging out/kind of hooking up with this guy. We've never been exactly "just friends" since we met a few years ago. He's called me when he was upset and talked to me about a handful of personal things, but regardless I started to feel like a booty call. The situation hit the point where we were either going to date or not and he said he didn't think we should do that anymore. I was hurt but I stopped it. I treated him like a friend, didn't initiate trying to hang out. I hung out with him once and I didn't stay over (as I normally would have.)

Fast forward: I started hanging out with another guy, a co-worker of his actually, and that went on for a little over two months. This guy, who has apparently known (guy one for years) spoke to him about me/how things were going, etc. Recently, that situation with the second guy turned sour/dissolved and I ran into guy one after being at a show and being blatantly ignored by guy 2.

Ended up giving guy one a ride home and hanging out and talking about guy 2. He asked me to stay over and we literally talked until we fell asleep. He told me he missed me (even though he said he knew he shouldn't say that) and talked about how though he knew he said to say something about the situation before (slightly to potentially spare my feelings) he wished he hadn't. He talked about things he wanted out of a relationship. He talked about how it bothered him to listen/talk to guy 2 about me. He said he wanted to kiss me and I said I couldn't, but I ended up staying over because he said he wanted me to. He kept saying he was happy we talked, we should always be this open and honest, etc. He let me sleep in there after he left for work and he kissed me on the cheek goodbye. However, he has taken no initiative to hang out with me following this discussion a few days ago. I tried to make plans a few times but he was busy, he asked when I got off work the next day and we didn't end up finalizing anything.

Essentially, I'm just trying to make sense of this situation. Why would he come back and say those sorts of things all the sudden and do they actually have any weight? Or was he just jealous and he didn't miss "me" but the physical aspect of our "relationship"?


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    • I don't know if I'd say so much as that. I also have a fair amount of social anxiety, I just didn't see what that had to do with the question I posed.

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