How Do I Deal With a Guy Who Leads Me On to Boost His Own Ego? I feel so stupid for falling for it

I'm 23 and suffer from social anxiety. I have few friends and never dated. Last semester I shared a class with a guy who showed a lot of interest in me: stealing glances, staring, telling other people that I "seemed interesting and he wanted to get to know me but I'm so quiet." I kept my distance out of shyness but on the last day of class, a group of us went to an on-campus bar to celebrate. He sat beside me and tried to chat me up and flirt with me. It was then I found out he has a gf.

Months later, last week, I stumbled into him again an a comic convention (My family's business entails attending venues as "exhibitors" and selling related merch.) It was a four-day event and it turned out"Nick" happened to be at the convention too. One day one he came to my booth and he hugged and we spoke a bit. He bought a snack from me too.

He came back on the third day, when I was dealing with a customer and was just watching me for a while, then we spoke a bit more, but I was busy so he said he'd "leave me alone now." He came back on the last day of the convention, with a few friends, and asked how the convention sales were, and showed me what he bought. He complimented my jacket randomly too. The whole time we made a lot of eye contact but I always looked away first. Anyway, as they were leaving he waved and smiled, wishing me a good summer. etc

I don't think he actually likes me since I think he still has a girlfriend, he never got in contact with me all the months we were apart, and even though he added me to fb he doesn't talk to me, and never asked for my number. It was hard but I realize now that he doesn't like me but gets an ego boost out of leading me on. I'm upset and don't want to be used like that. Actually I don't wanna see him again either, but I know we'll meet again since we share a common friend and he attends conventions that I go to.

How do I get out of being some guy's confidence booster or play thing? How should I act next time I see him? I don't want him to think I'm interested anymore. I feel stupid, and embarrassed. It's really upsetting. ;(

How Do I Deal With a Guy Who Leads Me On to Boost His Own Ego? I feel so stupid for falling for it
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