Asked for a second date but did not actually go on that second date what gives??

I met this guy off of okcupid... he works a lot of hours and travels a lot for work we originally were supposed to meet a day he was traveling back... I ended up waiting on him just to hear him tell me he physically could not and was too tired... I was upset and he kept texting me apologizing I told him not to talk to me. When I cooled off I texted him. Anyway he did not respond to me but I texted him anyway because I felt bad about it. He finally called me and told me he was really embarrassed about what happened and asked me out again. We both agreed however he was headed to gym and we agreed to meet after then. I ended up falling asleep and waking up to a surprise sandwich from my mom :( so I ate it she really went out of her way to make it for me and etc. It was late and I was still in my leggings and loose shirt when he called me and said he finished his workout and was headed home to shower. Since I had work early the next day I tried to get out of it anyway for whatever reason we both ended up on our first day in GYM work out clothes and we both made fun of it. On top of that that night I was on standby for work so of course I received texts and etc from work I explained to him before I started you know responding and etc. Anyway we had dinner drove somewhere else for ice cream and went for a walk than sat and talked. He established that he wanted a second date and told me to call or text him to hang out that weekend... he also added me on Facebook. I did call that weekend and texted.. I received one text that he was at the gym and would call me later... he never did ... I stopped texting it has only been since Sunday since we last texted. I don't know if the stress from work made me come off as not interested or if he isn't interested in me but I thought he was... he already had asked me out again and insisted to be Facebook friends... I don't want to appear eager and etc but I really really liked this guy I just don't know what to do :(
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Would it be wrong of me to text him and let him know that a polite rejection would have been better than a disappearing act that leaves me wondering what the heck happened... Also that deleting him from my Facebook and phone... is that too dramatic of a txt... I kinda really want to tell him that because really its what I feel and think.
Asked for a second date but did not actually go on that second date what gives??
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