Signs a guy is flirting/likes you

what are some signs that a guy does when he likes you or is flirting ?


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  • What I do is Slightly rub her back,(breaks physical barrier) but this all happens in a split second. I also look them in the eyes, and I show confidence, and I talk alot. There's nothing worse than standing there all silent staring at each other.

    What people don't realize is that there are so many things to talk about, usually because we are nervous we want to think about what we say, but there is no time for that, just blurt out whatever, "I was at the supermarket last night and I saw the strangest fruit ever." see it doesn't have to be meaningful or personal, that right there is flirting, if she's interested it doesn't even matter what you say as long as you don't make it awkward.

    When I compliment them I usually compliment them on something special, not cheesy or obvious. Ex:

    "Hi I don't mean to sound weird or anything, but I just noticed you have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen"

    too good things can happen

    1) She will remember you for this comment and she will feel confident and more interested in you

    2) If it didn't work out at the end, at least you made her day, and she can go home happy.

    Finally if your going for the number

    Let her know that if she chooses not to take you up on your offer, you'll never bother her again

    so she doesn't feel pressured or chased.

    give her a chance to think back on what happened and make her wonder "hm.. I wonder how he's like? I'd like to get to know him more."

    This is just the tip of the ice. You can do anything and the possibilities are endless. I know it works and yes it sound easy because it is.


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  • The best one I can think of is when he listens to everything you say, paying a lot of attention, giving you eye contact...if he's a bit shy or not feeling so confident he'll act a bit awkward and uncomfortable in your presence...Some guys like myself only show interest when its clear she likes me, to avoid rejection, cos girls throw out too many mixed signals (not cos he's shy or lacking in confidence).

    Having said all that its easy to tell that he likes you if you show him the signals yourself, cos then of course he'll flirt back...

  • Eye contact, smiling, listening/remembering things that you're saying in conversation, etc.

  • He is around you

    he touches you on arms , elbow, knee, small of back at the appropriate times

    He finds ways to engage you in conversation

    He may tease or be cocky with you

    He make eye contact

  • He will probably wink at you.

    It all depends on the guys personality really!

    • It doesn't really matter though because he ultimately probably just wants to have sex with you and is just acting nice right now but it won't take long til he shows you his ugly side..

    • pah, my ex boyfriend used to do the 'wink' but he passed it off as him joking rather than meaning it...i hope.

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  • I tell this to EVERYONE that asks this question (and believe me everyone asks this...) but the answer doesn't matter what he does/doesn't do doesn't matter how different your situation is from everyone elses. Fact of the matter is...wondering and fearing rejection are BIG time wasters. Its only a lose-lose situation.

    The key is (wait wait...hold on for the me it'll be enlightening)...

    The answer is...


  • i've had a guy dance around me at work. lol he was funny

    smiling, if he winks, if he talks to you, tries to hang out with you more often than he hangs out with other girls

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