What does putting X on text messages mean?

An older woman who is in her 40's who I've been seeing, started putting X at the end of her texts to me.

She doesn't put this at the end of her messages to anyone else as her friends have conformed this for me.

She started putting the X first.

What does it mean to put that on?


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  • Well it could be like putting XOXO. X means the kiss and O means the hug, so maybe she's giving you little kisses


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  • An "X" usually stands for Kiss with the phrase "XOXO" where the X means kiss, and O means hugs. You say you are seeing her, does that mean your going out? If so then that's a sign she's interested :D

    If your not seeing her, it could just be a very nice complement, and a sincere gesture... Kind of like a mother would kiss her son.