Does he like me? And if so, why won't he tell me?

Okay so there's this guy that is a really close friend, and we tend to flirt a lot. All my other friends tell me that it seems like he likes me. However, he has a girlfriend. Except when he is with his girlfriend he still tends to pay more attention to me than to her. Sometimes he says and does things that really make me think he likes me, such as when I see him staring at me from the corner of my eye, and he always seems to be touching me somehow. Everyone is convinced he likes me, but I am wondering, if he does like me, then why does he have another girlfriend?

Okay well hehas had the girlfriend for a couple of months now, but he got together with her after people suspected him of liking me.

And yeah, I do like him. A lot.


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  • Ok.. soooo... I just had a convo about something like this over the week. Ok sooo let me go about this a few ways. First off... how long has he had this girlfriend...? Cause that plays a big factor... has he been with her for for a real long time... short period of time... if its a real long time maybe he is just at that point to where he is so use to her that he wants something new (being you) butttt since he is use to her. there's that attachment where its hard to let go, even if you have already let go and don't love them but your brain tells you to stay for what ever reason that's not known. If he has just recently kinda gotten with her... maybe he likes you... buttt doesn't wanna mess things up with the friendship... and idk... maybe his girlfriend really doesn't mean much to him.. as bad as that sounds. it happens. As guys... we know were supposed to be the ones who make the first move right, like we are supposed to ask the girl out, get the number, make the move to kiss... but a lot of times... we are more shy than you think. ESPECIALLY since you 2 seem to be close friends. That's usually where it hits even worse. We as guys don't want to ruin the friendship cause its like.. oh of course she's nice she's our friend, omg what if I'm taking this the wrong way, she like me? no that's stupid.. I like her but gaaahhh I can't tell her she will be weirded out and I don't wanna lose her as a friend.

    that may sound weird.. but its totallllyy a lot more common than you might think... Um, wether or not you reply to this, or you message me, it would be a lot easier to answer you if you could let me know, do you like him? or are you just like soo hung up on wondering. cause if you really aren't into him, like, yea you are... but not really... id say forget it... cause if you do talk to him and you find out he likes you.. you kinda got his hopes up now.. sorta if that makes sense. but honestly... if you like him. like realllllyyy like him. talk to him, when you 2 are alone sometime talk to him... like be like ""i kinda have a weird question for you..." and just kinda go with it. I know maybe this doesn't sound like the best advice, but really... idk... this is how I would see things. Like as guys... we are really shy sometimes... some of us aren't always the "oh hey baby what's your number" like outta no where type of guy. Some of us like to have a plan and we second guess things because we don't want to ruin things or make ourselves look like an idiot. The most valuable thing a guy has is dignity. You crush that or how a guy feels self esteem wise, you basically destroy who he is.

    This once again is like the first 15 mins I have ever been on this site.. sooo I'm sorry if my advice kinda sucks and isn't good.. I'm trying.. I hope I helped somewhat at all. =)


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  • So go for it... Oh well.. I am not saying invade on them... but I feel if you fall for someone, if they are worth it... you can't let them get away. Just jump and go with it, let him know how you feel... Live in the moment and don't worry about tomorrow. The past is what we learn from and the future is what teaches us. Just go with it and worry about the outcome after its all said and done. The more you worry about what might be, the more and more you postpone it, and maybe never open your mouth forever. The slowest form of internal death is that which people cannot see because it is not spoken and it is kept quiet with no hope of saving yourself. Just go with it. I'm telling you. Jump, and don't look down. Keep looking up.


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