Girls can you sense if someone dangerous/ a sexual predator is near you?

I went to the mall with my friends today and we all got this awful feeling that a really scary person was by us. We felt extremely warm, the back of our necks tingled, the hair on our body stood up, we started looking around nervously, we felt sick to our stomach...etc. we sat down in starbucks and this REALLY scary creepy looking guy was STARING AT US for honestly 2 minutes like he wanted to rape/kill us. He was in his 60s and honestly looked like be could be a pedophile/rapist. We immediately left and the feeling went away. It then returned and less than half a minute later another creepy looking older Guy was leering at us like we were pieces of meat and checking us out. I'm not saying we have super human powers or anything but do you think people can sense when there's a bad person by them?

TO EVERYONE SAYING IM BEING PREJUDICED OR LYING, LEAVE. I don't know any of you, and don't care what you think about me. I asked this question to gain insight from other GIRLS or helpful, non antagonizing guys. To all the guys who are being rude and sexist, STOP! Do you know what it even feels like to be raped/almost raped. Well I do so just stop. And all who are bringing up irrelevant topics, please stick to the question of whether or not you've ever had bad feelings or vibes about someone.


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  • Look, I'm not a super spiritual person. However, I've seen enough weird things to know that intuition counts for something. Follow your gut instinct. You have that feeling for a reason. Especially since you're a girl. Trust that feeling.

    • Thank you a sensible helpful answer.

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    • resone to panic...its a small world! a stadium fills 100,000 people

    • There's still a chance it could be you, me, or anyone.

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  • Yes, I've gotten bad vibes from girls and guys before.

    Guys generally in a bad mood. Dealt with it before by trying to be nice. Which mostly doesn't work because it pisses them off further since I'm trying to be cool with them and they only fume up more like I'm a butt-kisser to them.

    So my new soltuion is this: I tell the guy to shut the f*ck up and go away. They don't listen and they get worse. So I repeat myself until they do it, and it works.

    Girls giving me bad vibes - usually happens when I'm with a girl friend. We're having a good convo when 2-3 girls come around us. Go figure - they always do this crap. So I either start whispering to the girl friend or I pause the convo and wait for the stalkers to leave. If I don't invite them into the convo, they're just not part of it. Too bad.

    Anyway, about you - yes. Your senses are spot on. My friend Sabrina and I were at a bar chatting once when she brought up 2 creepy guys checking her out. She was right, because they did some stupid approach on her a few minutes later to which I told her how to act when they come around. One of them said more stupid sh*t to her, so I dismissed him and he left. Ugly older guy in his 40s with shaggy hair.

    So yeah, girls got it bad. If you have the looks, you'll be checked out anytime you're out in public. But that gives her no reason to be worried because the ugly male ducklings should know better.

    • Haha thank you this is another really good answer

  • I'm yet to read any of the other answers but mine - here goes

    1. Have you seen the movie 'Home Alone' (don't remember which part) but this brave kid who fights off robbers get's scared of an old man in one part and a vagrant lady in another cause they look scary to him and later they turn into his friends who help him. SO looks can be deceptive

    2. However, having said that I know for sure that women have been given certain qualities that are not uncommon though not present in everyone or that they are not fully aware of it.

    2.1. yes this sense is what you are referring to young lady :)

    2.2. It acts as a certain defense mechanism though it may not be correct all the time and most time based out of one's own fears owing to various factors - but end of the day whether it's true or not, rational or not it sure saves the day most times :)

    3. I've always had this habit of noticing things around me no matter how minute and I've seen women who may be far away from you i.e. out of ear shot and they tend to know from the vibes of a man that he's thinking about them etc (kind of concise statements here). As an example:

    3.1. Recently I noticed a woman at the joggers park who was brisk walking while I was resting my legs for a few mins.

    3.2. Somehow her demeanor, looks etc blew me off my feet (not literally lol)

    3.3. I didn't ogle at her, talk about her - nothing

    3.4. After a while I got up to resume my walk as she passed me by wherein I was behind her.

    3.5. With my speed I would have automatically overtaken her since I'm much taller and walk faster

    3.6. However, this lady somehow sensed me behind her (though I didn't intend being so) and I was sensing her in discomfort (as if she read my mind that I was quite smitten by her)

    3.7. I walked at my regular pace while she increased her speed and this kept her just ahead of me else I'd have overtaken her in less than a minute and gone my way.

    3.8. After a couple of rounds of the park this lady decided to sit down and I resumed walking :)

    4. This was just one example. I've known women who sense even thoughts (but there are tons of times they are wrong) and I think the good that arises out of that 'intution' and acting by it is a far better thing than ignoring it even if it stems out of fear or insecurity and it's not the correct feeling for that situation. This is also the reason why certain women fall prey when that 'intution' doesn't wake up when they see/meet someone who fits their bill and they think the person is 'good' and situations occur

    • Hahaha thank you this is a really good answer :)

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    • Hahaha kk thanks you 2

    • Was, is and always a pleasure young lady :)

  • .

    IMHO you're frightening yourself with urban legends and myths, old wives tales

    Some statistics from :

    I quote:

    The Rapist isn't a Masked Stranger

    Approximately 2/3 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim.

    73% of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger.

    38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.

    28% are an intimate.

    7% are a relative.

    He's not Hiding in the Bushes

    More than 50% of all rape/sexual assault incidents were reported by victims to have occured within one mile of their home or at their home.

    4 in 10 take place at the victim's home.

    2 in 10 take place at the home of a friend, neighbor, or relative.

    1 in 12 take place in a parking garage.

    43% of rapes occur between 6:00pm and midnight.

    24% occur between midnight and 6:00am.

    The other 33% take place between 6:00am and 6:00pm.

    The Criminal

    The average age of a rapist is 31 years old.

    52% are white.

    22% of imprisoned rapists report that they are married.

    Juveniles accounted for 16% of forcible rape arrestees in 1995 and 17% of those arrested for other sex offenses.

    In one in 3 sexual assaults, the perpetrator was intoxicated — 30% with alcohol, 4% with drugs.

    In 2001, 11% of rapes involved the use of a weapon — 3% used a gun, 6% used a knife, and 2 % used another form of weapon.

    84% of victims reported the use of physical force only.

    End of quote

    Read more here: link


    • Just because a lot of rapists are known to their victim, doesn't mean there aren't strangers who rape. According to, 683,000 RECORDED rapes occur in the us ALONE. Which is a civilized country might I add. So if only a small percentage are strangers, thers still thousands of rape incidents that occur from strangers.

    • Update: did you have bad vibes or were you actually raped by that man?

    • I had bad vibes and that is the topic of the question. However you pulled one small thing from it and made it into an over dramatic accusation

  • The problem with philapenn answer and this 'female intuition" that I agree females see to have, its wrong 100x for every 1x its right.

    Girls are meant to be overally cautious because they lack the physical, mental, and emotional strength to defend themselves effectively and they know it. It's a defense mechanism put in place to compensate for their inherent weakness. By the way, I mean no disrespect with what I just said. Just stating a fact.

    Same reason women are generally not allowed in combat roles in the military. They don't have the physical and emotional strength to handle combat, hence they're very skiddish.

    • While I agree that you are right about the physical strength... Yes women are more emotional but while girls may attempt suicide more often guys are four times more likely to go through with it. I think it's safe to say that there are women who are mentally strong. And while sometimes it may be wrong, every time I've gotten a feeling and something happened to prove it righ for wrong it has always been right. Is rather risk offending someone than avoiding a dangerous situation

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    • ew pedo alert.

    • I know! That's why I was creeped out!

  • I believe we all intuitive abilities. Some of us more than others. Its what helped our ancestors deal with dangerous predators when hunting. You guys did the right thing putting space between you and someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

    • Thank you for not accusing me of being prejudiced, dumb, a b!tch, immature... Etc. as you can see from most of the other answers, many people don't agree with this theory.

  • Maybe he has memory loss and thought you were his kids or some long lost (forgotten) friend.

    I would say yes if it was only one out of the group, but for all to have the same feeling of warmth and feeling sick to your stomach I would think food poisoning.

    • It wen away within one minute of leaving

    • Maybe you were standing under a heat vent!

    • 1. I wasn't the ceilings are stories high 2. That wouldn't make me feel sick and make me nervous 3. Everyone else I was with felt it

  • I've read some stupid sh*t on this site before and this is up there with the most bizarre.

    • So you're saying that you've never gotten a bad feeling right before something bad happened?

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    • Hahaha Ik I'm pretty sure we can all draw that from his comments

    • I'm an insensitive jerk!

  • Yes I have. And I've been wrong quite often. I misinterpret some looks and other people misinterpret some of my looks. But somtimes it IS real. To be honest that 60 year old was probably creepy, but probably not a killer or a rapist.

    Take the bus for example, I'm sitting by the isle, and there's a chick sitting in front of my by the window, I'm staring into blank space out the window, too tired to care about anything and she starts to feel liks she's being stared at (I noticed when she turned her head around quickly then turned back and shifted nervously). I had no bad intentions for this girl woman, I don't even really register what she looked like, I didn't care I was staring out the window, a lot more interesting when I'm tired.

    Take another example, the crowded subway, I'm trying to read the metro map and this chick is sitting right next to it. She thinks I'm staring at her which makes her uncomfortable since it's prolonged. If she's a bit paranoid, lots of people are, she probably thinks I want to kill her. I'm looking intently in her direction without smiling. After all I'm trying to read the fricken map to know which stop I'm getting off at and I don't feel like smiling in the crowded subway when I'm still 90% asleep.

    Take another example, this time illustrating the gut feeling can be right. I get on the subway at 6am on Sunday with my case after a 15 hour trip to get home. I sit down and I kinda feel someone looking at me, and I hear laughing. Somehow I feel like it's about me, (I was wearing a funny hat), I don't give it too much thought. But then I got this really negative aggressive vibe out of nowhere. This dude sits in front of me, and 4 of his friends join him., He stares right into my eyes non stop for a good minute. and I hear his friends discussing and staring at me kinda like they're assessing me. I felt there was a high chance I'd be attacked when I got out. So now I listen up. Turns out I'm right, these guys are discussing robbing me in arabic, but came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it cause of my crappy travel clothes, they were like "nah he's got no money". My gut instinct was right, nothing happend thanks to my clothes though :D:D

    So yeah, a lot of the time it's misinterpretation. But sometimes it's comletely real. In our brains there's what scientist have found to be mirror neurons, which can recognise emotion in others and make you feel the same way. That's how empathy works. But it doesn't just work for feeling bad for others. If someone really wants to kill you, you might get a really really angry, aggressive or just bad vibe from them.

    But again it might be something totally unrelated. Maybe the guy is just pissed off at his boss, and you've got nothing to do with it. Chances are it's nothing.

    But personally I wouldn't stay to find out if those emotions are directed at me or not. So know that often your gut is wrong, but stay on the safe side and trust it anyway when you get bad vibes.

    • I also like your answer. I'd rather risk offending someone than getting myself in a bad situation.

  • Through experience, we all gain intuition, a gut feel and a 6th sense for these things. It's best and probably safest to pay strong attention to these feelings.

    • Thank you. Just wanted to see how many other people experience this :)

    • People with few experience would rather tend to rely on 'gutfeelings' than on experience or knowledge.

    • If you don't have anything helpful to add to this discussion koldhearted then please leave... Your contaminating this discussion with your antagonistic comments on every actual answer

  • 1. a man is not going to rape you in the middle of a shopping mall... CCTV? other people?

    2. Pedophiles and rapists come in all different shapes and sizes... and mostly ARE NOT THE OBVIOUS LOOKING ONES

    3. grow up

    • He LOOKED like he wanted to... Just because your in a certain place doesn't mean there aren't dangerous people in it too. No duh but stereotypes are created for a reason. And at least I don't try to answer questions when my answer has nothing to do with the question and is unhelpful and aggressive

    • it is helpful, IF YOU PAY ATTENTION lol so what if he LOOKED like he wanted to, I look like an ogre... doesn't mean I'm gonna start eating slime and ripping little babies heads off does it? ANd yeh there's bad people in ordinary places, but the thing is they won't DO anything even if they are there, because of CCTV CAMERAS AND OTHER PEOPLE WHO WOULD STOP THEM! keep walking around with these bad feelings and you will find yourself never leaving the house for no good reason. so as I said, grow up

    • Actually, we has finals and got out at 10 so almost no one was there. Once again, I never said I was going to be raped I was ASKING if Anybody else ever gets bad feelings or vibes from people. Stop bringing irrelevant material into the discussion please

  • Can people literally sense danger?

    Yes. In ninjitsu, a martial art that teaches things bordering on supernatural, one of the tests for gaining a level is that you are blindfolded, a person with a sword approaches you from behind, and slashes. You must wait for the man to slash, and dodge appropriately. Blindfolded. My brother is taking lessons in it...

    Yeah, people can have senses that detect danger.

    • Thank you for another good answer

  • No you're not spiderman.

  • Yes, you are right. The government should hang him! Who needs lawyers and judges? We should listen to a teenage girl's gut feelings.

    • You are being over dramatic and not reading the question clearly enough. Just because we left doesn't mean that "the government should hang him". I asked the question to we did others had ever gotten bad vibes or feelings before... Not to say he actually was a bad person or not

  • really scary creeping looking guy= old ugly guy I'm assuming. There's no way you can tell if there's problems with him by just looking at him. You're not psychic.

    Getting worked up for nothing and wanting to stroke your ego

  • If female intuition was useful, they'd make up the majority of investment bankers.

  • ...and girls say they don't judge. lol

    • I wouldn't have judged them if they weren't staring like they were gonna rape us. If you saw a 60+ woman staring at you like that you'd feel creeped out too... Especially if you were 16

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    • Maybe they were zombie sorcerers, trying to steal/capture virgin souls. It happens all the time in Trollistan.

    • You disgust me with your ability to make fun of a frightening, scary situation.

  • No big deal. Just leave the place. You cannot go through life being paranoid. It will only hurt your enjoyment of it.

    • That's what we did... Geez all I'm asking is if anybody has gotten bad feelings or vibes before!

  • It's always best to be safe than sorry. But, remember that not everyone is bad.

  • maybe you reminded him of the daughter or grand daughter he once had

    • Uhh were completely different races and if I did remind him it looked like he must have felt... Strong negative emotions towards her

  • maybe it was a paranormal type thing that had you feeling that way?

    • Haha I think it's just instinct... Or like a sixth sense

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    • Ok... Guess lots of people are psychics then

    • yes if feeling somethings going too happen then yes.

  • maybe its your own shadow ? hahah or many its true.

  • If an attractive guy in his early 20s was looking at you and your friends like he wanted to power f*** all of you, then you'd say the same thing lol

    • Yeah I would... There's an abercrombie and Fitch model at my school who stares like that and it creeps everyone out

  • I see dead people.

  • Psychic abilities are real, some people have them. Either you tapped into your psychic ability briefly, or those creepy dudes were projecting their negative psychic energy at you, causing you to feel it.

    • That's really interesting... Thank you for your respectful and helpful answer

  • It's nonsense. What probably happened is you caught the guy staring in the corner of your eye, if anything. Humans are very keen to notice when another creature is looking at them, when possible. It's an instinctual thing. Or you just have dumby sense, it's like spidey sense but incorrect and useless.

  • Translation: We don't like unattractive guys looking at us

    • When your e 16 and a guy is in his 60s staring at you like a shark stares at its prey then yes. I don't mind when people look at me but when they stare at you like they've never seen a girl before...

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    • @update: lol You often call people sexist that disagree with you? You fit in on this website perfectly.

    • I call people sexist who respond with comments that are rude towards te entire female population. Those who comment "sexist things" are generally sexist

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  • you should read the book "the gift of fear" and while I do believe you are being an overly dramatic teenage girl I also do think people(especially imo women) have a 6th sense about people they shouldn't ignore but often times do because they are trying too hard to be "nice".

    • I'm not being overdramatic I was honestly scared... But I agree with the second part and thanks ill look into the book

  • Well there's no way of knowing for sure unless something bad does happen, so I don't know :P But if I get those vibes from someone, I listen to them; it's not like it hurts anyone to avoid someone who's staring at you.

    Someone I actually trusted a lot ended up being dangerous. Wouldn't have ever sensed it.

    • Thank you for another sensible helpful answer

    • Jeez what a rush of obnoxious people telling you that your feelings are invalid. Newsflash: being raped is worse than someone avoiding you because you make them uncomfortable. Funny how, if something bad HAD happened, people would be asking you why you weren't more careful.

    • Exactly my point! I get 19 answers from guys when it says GIRLS. And is rather be safe than sorry and offend someone than be raped. And I know, those same guys would say "you dumb b!tch you shouldn't have dressed like that/been out at night/been more careful"